Buying a Used Piano on Craigslist

Buying a Used Piano on Craigslist

When people want to sell or buy something, they immediately think of Craigslist, a U.S. based website that carries classified advertisements divided into various sections. Craigslist allows free and paid ad postings, depending on the category, including buying used piano.

Since many people post ads for things they want to sell on Craigslist Seattle, you can either find a gem or a dud. It can be a hit or miss kind of purchase because you only see the pictures posted by the seller.

But while buying a used piano on Craigslist carries a bit of risk, some ways can help you find the piano you are looking for, and get it at a price that you can afford.

Ways to find a used piano on Craigslist

It would help if you accepted that finding a good used piano on Craigslist may not be one of your best options. On the other hand, you might be able to find one that fits your requirements. However, it is essential to have the right knowledge about pianos or get help from a piano expert.

Here are some of the things to check out.

  1. Price

Many piano sellers want the piano off their hands immediately. Thus, they may not know the quality, the actual condition, and the right price of the piano they are selling. Find out the costs of used pianos from other sources according to type and age. Do not be enticed by the beautiful pictures the seller posted. If the seller only showed photos of the piano’s exterior, request additional pictures of the interior, showing the keys and other vital parts.

Either ask an expert to find a used piano for you or ask if you can have a set of questions to ask the seller to ensure that you will be getting a good deal.

2. Tuning

You should call the seller and inquire about the piano’s playing condition. Check when the piano was last tuned, as this is one of the most critical features of a piano. Ideally, a piano needs tuning at least twice a year. Therefore, if the seller tells you that the piano has not been tuned in five years or so, bring a piano tuner before you decide to buy the piano to ensure that it will still work just fine after tuning. If ten or more years have passed since the piano was last tuned, it’s not worthwhile to inspect the piano at all.

3. Age of the piano

The piano may be considered an heirloom, but if it only looks pretty on the outside, be sure to ask the seller for more information and additional pictures. If you plan on using the piano for a long time, its age may impact your decision. It is better to bring an expert along when you inspect the piano. The expert can check the keys, the soundboard, and other parts, and see if the piano is tuned. The expert can let you know if the used piano is still worth the investment.

The best way to get a good deal on a used piano on Craigslist Seattle is to have expert help.

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