Piano Storage

Seattle’s Best Choice Pro Piano Storage

A piano is a delicate piece of musical instrument despite its size. Not everyone can afford a piano, so owners want to ensure that their piano remains safe when they have to move or need to store it.

Seattle Piano Moving Art now offers piano storage, to keep your precious instrument safe, so that you can enjoy using it for a long time.

We understand the special requirements of delicate equipment. In our climate-controlled warehouse, your piano will be safe. We’ll keep it wrapped in high grade, professional quality moving blankets to keep its lustrous surface dust- and scratch-free.

You do not have to rush. We offer short and long term stays. We will keep your piano for as long as you want for a minimal monthly fee.

Here are our rates:

Small Upright $65
Medium Upright $75
Large Upright $85
Grand 5’1” – 5’5” $90
Grand 5’5” – 6’ $100
Grand 6’1” – 7’ $110
Grand 7’1” – 9’ $130

Digital Keyboard / Clavinova $50
Harpsichord / Clavichord $85
Small Home Organ $100
Large Home Organ $125

Kindly call 206-291-0420 for space availability.

Why Choose Seattle Piano Moving?

Trust is important in business. And you can rely on Seattle Piano Moving because we care for the items our clients entrust to us for safekeeping. Protecting a piano means, it should be in a room with stable humidity to protect the instrument’s soundboard and other parts.

Whether in storage or at home, it is vital for a piano to be in a climate-controlled area where the humidity level is constantly within 45 percent. Pianos are sensitive, and the changes in temperature and humidity levels either contract or expand its various parts.

Here at Seattle Piano Moving Art, we invested in the right equipment for piano storage, because we are serious about taking care of your beloved piano.

So you don’t have to worry. We’re here to help you become a responsible piano owner. We ensure its safety as well. Our warehouse facility is monitored 24/7.

At Seattle Piano Moving Art, we pick up your piano from your home, keep it in storage for as long as you need, and deliver it to your new home when you’re ready. You save money because you only deal with one company. We will keep your piano in transit, and ready for delivery once you have settled.

Give us a call today to learn more about our piano-moving service!