Seattle – Bellingham – Seattle Piano Movers

What is the worth of a piano movers if someone mishandles and damages your piano during delivery? With Piano Moving Art in Bellingham, you get a guarantee of top-quality piano delivery services. Our piano movers Bellingham ensure that your family heirloom remains in top condition before, during, and after transport. Why would you risk spending money on unwanted repairs or treating potential injuries when you can rely on our moving crews instead? Our team has the years of training and knowledge needed to ensure the proper handling of your piano. We have the equipment and resources and expertise that one needs to safely pack and transport any type of piano from one location to the other. Give our business a call today or request a free, no-obligation estimate right now!

Besides Bellingham, we also move pianos to Portland and Eastern Washington.

Let us save you money! How? Get on the waitlist for Bellingham – Seattle piano moving service and save up to 50% on the regular piano move. Just fill out a quick form and we will contact you once we have at least three requests.

Waiting list for piano deliveries Seattle - Bellingham - Seattle :

1) Alethea

2) Jaime

3) Tina

4) Paul

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If you are flexible with moving date, we can combine orders in your area and it can save you some money.

There are a variety of factors that affect the final estimate including stairs, grass, gravel and the moving destinations. This is only a preliminary estimate. Our manager will contact you soon to verify the quote and time.