piano moving service seattle – portland – Seattle

We understand pianos are not only expensive and delicate, but they can often times have sentimental memories attached with them. And this is why you need us to move it from Seattle to Portland or vice versa.

That’s why it’s our number one goal throughout the entire process to keep them protected. From spinets, uprights, and grand uprights, to baby grands, grands, concert grands, and all other types of organs or pianos – we move them all, and our professionally trained moving teams are ready to handle any situation.

Moving your piano from Seattle to Portland or vice versa doesn’t have to be expensive. Let us find other people like you, and we can save you money. All you have to do is to fill out the small request form and we will put you on our waiting list.

Once we have at least three requests, we will contact you and arrange for the date that is convenient to all the parties. Once the move is complete, we will clear out the list and start all over again. So, if you don’t see anybody below this paragraph, it means you will be the first. We value your reviews.

Waiting list for piano deliveries Seattle - Portland - Seattle :

1) Jamie

2) Dan

3) Bobbie

4) Jun

5) Tamar

6) Carrie

7) Kade

Choose your piano brand

Choose your piano type

Choose your piano model

If you are flexible with moving date, we can combine orders in your area and it can save you some money.

There are a variety of factors that affect the final estimate including stairs, grass, gravel and the moving destinations. This is only a preliminary estimate. Our manager will contact you soon to verify the quote and time.