Piano Movers Washington State: Piano Moving Is Not as Easy as You Think


Why do you think moving a piano is expensive? Many people think that moving a piano is the same as moving all your other stuff from your current house to your new house. The process may be the same, but you need a mover that specializes in moving pianos. Piano movers Washington State for example have years of experience in moving pianos safely.

What make moving pianos tricky?

  • Size and weight. Moving a piano from one place to another is not easy. The primary reason is the weight of the piano. Likewise, a piano is big. It is bulky and often, its shape is irregular. Despite its size and shape, a piano is a delicate piece of musical instrument that can be damaged easily if you are not careful.
  • Fragile instrument. Just like other fragile things, a piano needs special packing materials. It should be encased in a custom-made crate to prevent it from sliding and moving around. Taking it out of the house may require special equipment and several workers. With all the work and equipment needed, not all moving companies offer piano-moving services.
  • Emotional and financial value. Many pianos have emotional value for their owners. Moreover, a piano is expensive, which means that it should be handled with care. Therefore, most piano owners who are relocating are willing to spend money so they can take their piano with them.

Recommended option to move a piano

If you have the skills, equipment, and people to help you move the piano, you can do it yourself. But you should know that it is very heavy and it might be difficult to maneuver it out of the house. You can hire a regular moving company, but you have to make sure that they will accept the job. The most effective option is to hire a specialized piano moving company.

While the latter option is more expensive, remember that you are paying for their expertise. They train their workers so that they can perform the job excellently. They know how to handle the different types of pianos, and how to get them out of the house, by either having workers lifting the piano, or using specialized equipment to get the item safely and securely out of the house. Piano movers have experience with the task. They know the right techniques to move your piano to your new destination. Hiring a professional piano mover is less stressful, knowing that your piano will be in the same condition when it reaches your new home.

Where to find recommendations for piano moving companies

You can search online for recommendations. Look for consumer reviews from reputable websites. You can also ask music schools, music academies, and local music departments in schools around your community for recommendations. For sure, they will be able to recommend a trustworthy service provider piano movers Washington state.

Select the piano mover with the right credentials

Not all service providers are the same. To ensure that your piano will be safe and secure during your move, pick the mover with the proper credentials. They should have the necessary licenses. Moreover, they should be insured. Likewise, they should provide insurance for your piano while it is still in their care.


Choose a piano mover that is near you. See to it that you visit their physical office so that you will see if they really have the equipment and the expertise to handle pianos securely. Ask if they own the equipment or renting them. Check their condition. Further, a good piano mover will discuss their plan on moving the piano and the manpower to execute the job.

Where to buy a piano in Seattle.

There are many excellent piano stores in Seattle. The most recommended is Seattle Piano Company. Also, you might want to check out Stage 7 pianos in Kirkland. But more and more people turn online when buying a piano, such as Facebook Marketplace or Pianos on Craigslist.