Buying a Used Piano on Facebook Marketplace

buying a used piano on facebook marketplace

Buying various items online is slowly becoming a norm for many consumers around the world. And it’s great that several online shopping platforms now offer safe and secure ways to sell and buy products, such as the Facebook Marketplace. So, you are thinking about buying a used piano on facebook marketplace.

Looking for a used piano now becomes faster, as Facebook Marketplace categorizes the items sellers advertise on the platform’s classified ad pages.

Buying a Used Piano on Facebook Marketplace

How to buy a used piano from Facebook Marketplace

Whether you are using Facebook on your laptop or your smartphone or tablet, log in to your account. Buying used piano on Facebook marketplace is different from buying a piano on Craigslist.

The Facebook Marketplace button is on the left navigation panel of Facebook on your PC. On mobile devices, the button is on the bottom of the app. Clicking the button brings you to a page that shows pictures of various items.

  • Limit your choices using the application’s filters. You can specify the item, the price range, the sellers’ location, and even the date the items for sale were posted. Since you are looking for a used piano, the seller’s location is vital because you have to consider the shipping cost, which is often included in the selling price. You may reduce the value of the piano if the location of the seller is near you. Your shipping cost will be cheaper, or you can eliminate it by picking up the piano yourself.
  • Be sure to review each post within the parameters you have set to locate the right used piano that fits your requirements. Facebook Marketplace allows you to check the seller’s information and the details about the item for sale. Ensure that the seller is local and a member of Facebook for a long time. Be wary about dealing with someone who only joined Facebook recently and has a few friends.
  • Choose the used pianos that interest you and chat with each seller using Facebook’s messaging app. Getting in touch with the seller helps you to find more information about the seller and additional details about the item. You can request other pictures or videos of the piano.

  • You and the seller can negotiate the price using the FB messenger. Arrange to check the item personally before paying for it. Having a piano expert when you inspect the item will help you make the right decision. The expert has the knowledge and experience to immediately recognize the piano’s external and internal problems that your untrained eyes cannot see.

  • Facebook Marketplace does not have a payment gateway, so you have to pay for it through a third party payment system.

  • One of the most important things you have to do is to see to it that you meet the seller in a public place such as a restaurant or coffee shop where other customers can see you. It’s also for your safety to bring a piano expert and a close friend with you. Document your meeting, using your mobile phone to take photo or video of the seller and your transaction exchange.
How to buy a used piano from Facebook Marketplace

While it is easier and faster to buy a used piano on Facebook Marketplace, you have to ensure your safety by remaining vigilant and informed.

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