Martinson Piano vs. A-1 Piano Movers Review

If you live in the Seattle metropolitan area and you need a piano mover, you might want to consider Martinson Piano and A-I Piano Movers. These two piano moving companies provide several services that might be what you need. This article is about Martinson Piano vs. A-1 Piano Movers Review.

Martinson Piano Moving and Storage

The company had been in the business for more than 24 years. Martinson Piano Moving and Storage focuses on excellent customer service. They take care of their customer from the first phone call until they complete the piano-moving job. Martinson Piano Moving and Storage is located in Everett.

Martinson makes sure that its teams are expertly trained, to ensure that they can handle any type of piano safely and securely. Aside from piano moving, Martinson also offers storage services. Its storage facility measures 4,000 square feet. It is equipped with security alarm systems, well lit, and insured. To ensure that items in storage, including pianos, are safe, the facility is climate-controlled.

The company partners with other businesses around Seattle, such as Classic Pianos for pick-up and delivery, storage, and piano tuning services, to provide more piano-related services that can benefit more consumers.

Martinson currently has 22 employees.

Most people who have used their service commented on their friendly staff and quick service. They appreciate that the employees of Martinson Piano Moving and Storage are skilled and well-trained and they follow the recommended procedures in handling, packing, moving, and storing pianos.

A-1 Piano Movers Inc.

A-1 Piano Movers, located at Bellevue, is another piano moving company worth considering if you are from the Seattle metropolitan area. The company is insured and fully licensed. Their movers are skilled and knowledgeable in protecting the piano as well as your home, using the right type of equipment.

The company says that their moving rates follow the guidelines that the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission set. They charge by the hour and their minimum is 1.5 hours.

According to A-1 Piano Movers, their cost estimates depend on many factors. One is the total drive and move time, round trip. Other factors include surface condition (grass or gravel), stairs, and the number of people who needed. They also consider if there are steep slopes, narrow hallways, and tight turns.

According to their guidelines, they have a 72-hour cancellation policy. Moreover, they request customers with confirmed booking to be available one hour before the confirmed appointment and allow another hour after the estimated time that the job will be finished. The time allowances are to make up for traffic and other setbacks. They request clients to clearly state if they cannot be available an hour early. It will help the movers to plan their schedules better. If they find out that you cannot be available earlier on the day of the move, your schedule might be rescheduled. Customers may encounter delays because the movers are often fully booked weeks in advance.

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